Behind BellezaRebel

{The Story Behind the Name and the Blog}


I think my obsession for travel, beauty and celebration styling all started when I was 11 years old, if not before. 12 years of public school where my creativity and imagination were seen as a flaw strongly affirmed my rebellious side, followed by 3,5 years of Hospitality & Events Management University which today lead me to fall in love with anything pretty, convince me to pursue my dreams of travelling the world and embrace my creativity. Whenever I discover something beautiful and useful, I just feel like such awesomeness must be shared with others because this is what to me life is about; exploring, learning, loving and sharing.

Here is where I write about the lovely places I have been to, my favorite beauty tricks and my love for planning & styling fun celebrations.

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{About me}

I am a Swiss girl with an international heart. I Lived in 5 countries on 3 continents, Graduated in 2013 with an International Marketing & Events Management Degree and worked in this fascinating industry ever since.




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